Portable Power Station Alpha ESS Ap1000 Review

Written By: Luke Lorick 5/24/22



We all need power in our lives. There are numerous portable power stations on the market, but few can handle the rigors that we put them through in our Tailgating Challenge. The Alpha ESS AP1000 boasts some big time features that made us curious if this would be the best portable power station that we have ever tested. Let’s find out in the portable power station Alpha ESS AP1000 review.






-Four ways to charge

-2 wireless charging pads

-Weighs 25 pounds

-Pass-Through charging

-Charge 12 devices at once

-LED lights

-4.5 hours to recharge



We have tested a variety of power stations over the years and this power station had a heavier feel and unique look to some that we have tested. This tips the scale at 25 pounds and while it’s the heaviest I’ve tested it’s also the most powerful one I’ve tested.

The dual wireless charging pads on the top are such a cool feature that I haven’t seen on similar power stations that work by tapping the input button twice and then placing your smartphone on the charging pad.

One of the biggest things I like to test with power stations is how much power can they put out for appliances that draw quite a bit of power. Two of those things that past power stations weren’t able to handle are blenders and hair dryers. Both draw big power and this Alpha ESS AP1000 was able to run both of these on high power without flinching.

Not only did they run each of the products but they even powered them together! At one point during our testing we had the blender going full blast, hair dryer on high, fan on high and charging our iphones…at the same time! This blew me away, as most have trouble simply powering the hair dryer and this power station was doing everything. Check out our video review (below), as I know it’s hard to believe.


PROS: wireless charging pads, charges numerous devices at the same time, can power many items that others can’t handle
CONS: heavier that many power stations, not all solar panels are compatible

Overall, this power station earned the term BEAST from me when describing it in a recent live video. If you’re looking for a power station that can power just about anything you throw at it, then we just found your next power station.

 Alpha ESS AP1000 Review Video